2+0+1+6=9, The Hermit Year

2+0+1+6=9, The Hermit Year

Some might have been happy to see 2015 go and eagerly anticipate what 2016 will bring. I don’t blame you. In general, I have heard plenty of hardship in all forms be it health to financial woes in 2015.

Strength2015 added up to an eight. Which in numerology is a karmic number relating to plenty of learning in your path. It is not usually an easy going year. Eight reflects power and in the tarot deck is equivalent to the Strength card. In both tarot and numerology terms eight expects you to create a balance in understanding what is love and achieving that inner contentment that you have been searching for. Not understanding this balance could leave one in a state of loss. As a self-empowering year 2015 was meant to be, many seemed to have lost the plot and with their lack of accurate information taken power in their hands resulting in the loss of many lives on a global level. This is because they failed to learn the lessons that the eight journey was supposed to lend. There was a failure to use the information given as accurately as possible to pursue what you truly love to deliver self-contentment in your lives. A disillusioned sense of self-empowerment was achieved. The Strength card in Tarot refers to one’s ability to overcome any obstacle but first by being a master of oneself which is by overcoming and taming your wild nature or of others to achieve that balance of self-empowerment. Honestly, a lot easier said than done. Plenty of tests would have come your way testing how much you want to change certain areas of your life. And some may have had an inflated sense of importance in achieving their goals and ambitions. I think this is pretty evident in the events that took place on a global scale in 2015. Not to mention the leaders of nations trying to flex their muscles to display their power and greatness.

The_HermitMoving into 2016 which adds up to nine in numerology, you may be relieved to hear equates to closures! So good riddance 2015 some of you might have said when ringing in the New Year. Expect certain situations or people to make reappearances if you have unresolved issues. It’s going to be a time of plenty reflection. The universal energy suggests retreating inwards to understand the events of the past that have led you to the present. This not only includes the happenings of 2015 but all the nine years in the cycle. It will be highly unlikely for new episodes in life to take place even though you feel you have learnt your ‘lessons’ as nine represents a time of wrapping up and endings. You may find things have come to an end with a relationship, a work place, friendships or even a place of stay. On a global scale, let’s hope this will mean the ending of the madness we have seen as everyone enters a time of self-reflection, healing and understanding. In Tarot terms, nine represents The Hermit. Receiving this card in the context of a reading simply means a time of retreating inwards to reflect to receive that knowledge of understanding of why things have happened the way they do. To do this one needs to enter a time of solitude and quietude. Socializing will be kept to a minimum to achieve this. It’s all about working on yourself from within. As we work on healing ourselves, we can only hope this collective energy will rub itself off on the state of the world that we live in today. So come on, let’s do this together! As Michael Jackson would say,’ Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race!’.

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