SmileyBalls“I happened to come across Sharan’s website purely by accident and she has  been absolutely brilliant with her response time, her professional yet warm attitude and the quality of her reading.

While some of the things we discussed have future timeline , within two weeks of my consulting Sharan two of her predictions came to pass.

She accurately predicted I would be signing legal documents – my divorce proceedings started the next week. She also stated that i will be recognised at work(behold and again within two week i received a letter of appreciation and a salary increase i wasn’t expecting because I am not entitled to on equal given the length of time I had been on the payroll!)…. I know like many people you can be sceptical of these reviews but believe me these are real events and i felt moved to share them….. in future when other predictions come pass I will also be back to share them……” – Harold, London

“I have been to a few tarot readers over the years, but none as detailed as Sharan. Some of her readings are spot-on. The accuracy of her prediction surprised me, because these are things I have never told anyone before, even those closest to me. Not only did I feel more confident, she also gave me assurance and advices with patience and compassion. I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need.” – Mian, Indonesia 

“Sharan is an amazing tarot card reader, straight to the point, honest and overall just the real deal. She even predicted me winning the beauty pageant! I would highly recommend her, she’s one of the best.” – Jennifer, Philippines

“When we did our reading about 3 months ago, I felt a little iffy about some of the things you suggested may happen. For example, you mentioned starting a business a number of times, and at the time I had zero interest in anything entrepreneurial, and while you were correct that I was planning a big change in what I was doing, I thought it would be school-related rather than work. And surely enough, after a series of events I am currently finding myself working towards starting several potential businesses, and it’s been really exciting! You mentioned, in terms of romance, that many people would come and go, although not necessarily in a bad way. And true enough I’ve been having many brief but wonderful encounters with different people, who have all taught me new and interesting things, and the short-livedness of these encounters have made things very colourful rather than disappointing. I look forward to see how the rest of the year pans out, and will let you know if I notice more things falling into place as you suspected they would.”  Sirin, Singapore

“It’s been few months since my reading with you, Sharan, I am writing to let you know things are falling into place exactly like you said. After the reading, the land next to the current space I am using for work, became available and I decided to take it. Things have been slow with the owner changing his mind many times and there was so much waiting and not knowing that I felt like giving up. Instead, I found myself listening to your reading again and again to be able to keep calm and trusting. I am about to build my new yoga space with builders coming in next week; right on the sea front like I always wanted it and connected to my house; like you said; you could see me adding on space!I want to thank you again for the accuracy of your reading and for your voice each time I needed reassurance and I went back to listen to the recording. I am sure I will go back to it other times with things progressing; it is a great way to keep me focused! For the moment I am looking forward to experiencing all that is about to happen and I will get in touch with you again for another reading sometimes in the new year! Thank you so much! – Simona, Koh Samui

“In the last ten years, I have had readings done from time to time. With my recent move to Belgium and the inconvenience of not knowing who to consult for a reading, i chanced upon Sharan’s website. After reading a couple of testimonials, i didn’t hesitate to ask for a reading by Skype. Nowadays, technology offers the opportunity to interact with someone as if you are in a face to face situation. She began with a general reading then moved into a more detailed reading relating to my concerns about the changes that were taking place in my life. Her warm style breaks the ice immediately and it helps to create a trustful atmosphere. I will continue to see Sharan by Skype whenever i need guidance. I highly recommend her!” – Mario, Belgium

“I have known Sharan for over four years and have always wanted a reading and I was amazed with the accuracy in Nov 2013. I have had many various readings (spiritual & astrology) over the years and my reading with Sharan was spot on. Sharan’s reading was detailed informative and inspired me. I write down my readings and often re-read at a later date. Just have your list of questions ready to ask away.” Tracie, Australia

“I met Sharan 3 years ago, her Tarot readings have helped me walk through my life path. She starts off with an overall general reading then moves into a detailed reading. She happily answers all your questions and has been very kind to allow follow up questions. Her readings are honest and cover both the positive and negative events that are coming up in your life so you can be prepared. For example, i was in the middle of an interview process for two large organisations who expressed a strong interest to hire me to the extent of sending me overseas to view their operations. When i asked Sharan which one of these organisations I will be working with, her reply was neither. She even gave me the reasons why i was going to be rejected. I was very surprised to hear this. A few weeks later, i did get a negative reply from both organisations.” Pra, Indonesia

“Thank you very much for the positive information. I felt my reading was worth it and your reading has helped me to orientate myself  better. I never believed doing a reading online could work but it did! I have found what you told me very relevant. I wish you all the best and thank you for the reading.” Maggie, Belgium

“I was initially apprehensive about using tarot cards to foresee what life had planned for me. Sharan has an approach of providing readings in such a way where she makes you feel comfortable, like she’s an old friend catching up with you and chatting about what the future holds. Sharan has been instrumental in injecting positivity and hope for me over a trying period through her readings. We barely had an exchange of words prior to my first session but she had a clear insight into my background and the challenges i currently faced and elaborated further on the direction my life was heading. She went on to respond to any existing specific questions i raised and explained it in a succinct manner the probable outcome based on what the cards were telling her. I would continue to see Sharan and recommend her to those who might need a little guidance in their life.” – Charmaine, Singapore                                                                                            

“Sharan was my colleague for 5 years & I have had 3 readings with her. From the 1st reading, I was amazed at her accuracy in describing my past, giving an insight about the people in my present & a glimpse of the future. The 2nd reading was crucial for me as i wondered if i could afford to buy my own flat in this property crazed island. Sharan accurately described my preferences & assured me I will own a flat shortly. Amazingly, a few months later I bought a new flat near a train station at a very good price unlike most of my friends who had to pick up a loan to own their dream flat. The 3rd reading was done very recently & I’m waiting anxiously for the goodies to unfold.” – Liza, Singapore

“I’ve been seeing Sharan for a yearly reading since 2010. She begins with a general overview then narrows down to specifics. In one reading, she mentioned i was going to face a legal issue but wasn’t too serious. True enough a month later i was summoned to court to be a witness to a case. She sensed i was having a hard time coping with my boss. She was able to tell me what my boss thought of me and advised me how to handle her. Her predictions about my boss’s actions came true as well. Sharan has been very kind and helpful. One of our readings were conducted via Skype and despite our time zone differences, she accommodated a suitable time for me. I’m really very grateful for all her valuable advice! Sarah, Singapore          

“I have been having readings from Sharan for 12 years now. Sharan’s predictions have been accurate and straightforward. All readings are supported by numerology. Recently, Sharan relocated to UK and Belgium and conducts her readings via Skype. I feel very grateful for her dedication and ability to tap into deeper issues. I have had many breakthroughs with Sharan’s guidance and it’s helped me to lead my life with a clear direction and goals. She has helped me to be in control and not feel lost anymore! I highly recommend Sharan!” – Cynthea, Singapore

“I was skeptical of my first reading with Sharan as i have been to other readers before who painted a flowery future with nothing materializing. Sharan did her reading by describing my present state of emotions and presented the options that would appear in my future. Sharan predicted several job offers which seemed impossible at the time because of the economic downturn. However, these did take place. I recommended several friends to Sharan and all of whom have said that she predicted events that seemed impossible at the time of the reading which did end up taking place. Recently, i have had the opportunity to have another reading with Sharan. She has grown more self assured, confident and her readings are much more powerful. She accurately assessed my present mindset and the emotional turmoil I am going through and articulately shared the options that will appear should I make certain decisions. A reading with Sharan, is like having a mentor who guides you and prepares you for what may happen in the future and leaves you reassured and more in control of your life.” – Vanessa, Singapore

“I have been seeing Sharan for seven years now. After having been to other tarot card readers, I have always found Sharan to be the most accurate and honest in her readings. She tells you honestly what she sees or feels regardless if its positive or negative, which is something I appreciate very much. She always makes me feel comfortable during my readings and has helped to provide guidance to go through the tricky bits in life. I have recommended many of my friends to her for readings and will continue to do so!” – Jolene, Australia

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