Tarot Readings

TarotSharan uses tarot cards as a divination tool to assist her in painting a story about your past, present and future. Your date of birth is required before the tarot reading as it helps to provide a more tailored insight into your life. During her readings, she is guided with images, sounds as well as her intuition.

What is a tarot reading and when can you have one?

The aim of each reading is to assist the querent in gaining clarity and understanding of their past and current situations and to see how it unfolds into their near future. Every querent should bear in mind that each reading is never set in stone and that they have complete free will to change the course of things in their path ahead.

Having a reading can help when you are faced with a dilemma or have a tricky decision to make, feeling stagnant in your life, uncertain as to which path to take in a forked road or just to gain an understanding of the characters in your life. Sharan will help to shed light on why you are in the position that you are and then offer possible resolutions and outcomes which you have complete free will to change at any time. Her readings are able to cover all aspects of your life (emotional, career, finance and business, relationships, spiritual).

Sharan does personal as well as corporate readings and some of her famous clients include the troupe of Cirque du Soleil! Please write to her for a quote for corporate functions.

How are her readings conducted?

Her readings are conducted via face to face Skype, Face Time, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger sessions. All payments are made via Paypal prior to the reading.

60 mins (full reading) – £70 

30 mins (questions only) – £40

(*Weekend & UK Bank Holidays readings will be charged an extra £10)

12 month Forecast + 3 Questions (by email) – £80

Questions only (by email or text) – £8 per question.

You will also receive a recording of your entire reading for each session.


To schedule an appointment leave your message on Contact Sharan or kindly email sharan@tarotbysharan.com


  1. Anyone seeking a reading has to be 18 years and above.
  2. By law, i am obliged to mention that all the guidance provided through my readings and any of the information provided on this site is purely for entertainment purpose only.
  3. Your reserved time slot will only be confirmed when full payment has been made 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  4. I reserve the right to terminate a reading without providing any reason and the client will receive a refund with a 10% admin fee deduction.
  5. Refunds are not given for readings that have been completed.
  6. Any guidance, advice or solutions offered as part of the reading should always be followed through with a medical practitioner, legal, business or financial advisor as i am not professionally qualified in the above mentioned fields.
  7. I will not be held responsible for any outcomes when the client chooses to act upon the guidance, advice or solutions offered as part of the reading. Every individual has complete free will over their own decision making in their lives.
  8. Please understand that tarot reading is NOT fortune telling. Guidance given is based on your current situation and we have free will to create our future as we so desire.
  9. Please note that any personal information provided before and during the reading will NEVER be passed on to any third party.

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