About Sharan

Sharan has been a tarot reader for people from all over the world since 2001. Her clientele come from all walks of life and  all ages. Most of them who have been consulting her for over 20 years now and return for repeat tarot readings because of her level of accuracy. Majority of her clients know about her through personal recommendations and she doesn’t advertise.

Sharan developed an interest in tarot cards in her early twenties. But started to take it seriously when she was initiated into tarot reading by a Rinpoche at the age of 23 where she was guided to sharpen and enhance her intuitive skills using tarot. Ever since Sharan been a professional tarot reader.

She uses tarot as her divination tool to understand the querent’s current situation, personality, wants and aspirations as well as the characters they are surrounded by. This information will help the querent to make informed decisions in their lives and provide possible outcomes of certain choices.

Sharan is available for a personal tarot readings as well as for parties and corporate events.

To schedule an appointment kindly email sharan@tarotbysharan.com or leave your message on Contact Sharan.

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