January 2016 Tarotscope

Number_1January 2016 Tarot Forecast

The New Year always brings with it new resolutions. Personally I know I won’t be making any. Not when the year kick starts with a Mercury Retrograde in tow from the 5 to 25 January. I have decided to just go with the flow for a change and see what the first month brings. The optimistic first week will begin with everyone on a high, raring to move forward with their career plans and ambitions and on the emotional side leave the past behind to start afresh. The ‘failure is not an option’ attitude this year is definitely electrifying. Everyone’s approach to this New Year appears to be a refreshing one where instead of building resentment everyone chooses to offer the benefit of the doubt. The theme seems to be there is no time to waste energies and everything should be taken as a learning experience. However, by the third week you may find your patience dwindling and panic settling in when things aren’t moving as planned. Relax! We are in a Mercury Retrograde so take it easy. It’s all going to be alright just return to the drawing board and start again. There is never such a thing as being right the first time. Successful people are constantly reviewing themselves and fine tuning as they go along. The last week of January will be a sweeter one as the Mercury Retrograde makes a grand exit. Confidence returns and you feel you can carry on with your plans where you left them with ease.


Page_of_SwordsCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

This Month

The New Year sparks off new and unique ideas. It’s all in the head for now. There is a lot of excitement about it. However, things are all at the baby stage and you really need much more focus and structure if you are to see these ideas through to implementation. These ideas may involve anything from a career move, a business venture, joining politics or even travel for inspiration. One point to note however would be the financial investment in all of the above. As exciting things are going to be try not to get ahead of yourself with the spending. You could be left with nothing and back at square one. Focus and structure will be your aids this month.

Year Ahead

2016 seems to bring out the ambition in you Capricorn. You could make it really big this year but you can’t really do this on your own. There will be a community or team that will be your support. The first quarter seems very dynamic. There is a sense of restlessness that triggers off the need to create something different. Like with everyone else a New Year always inspires change. But with you the change you are thinking of pursuing will seem very unlike you. It’s not going to be a safe option. You are tired of being safe. It’s about throwing yourself in the deepest end taking that crazy chance and not just hoping for things to work out but work at making things work. Your calmness does assist in riding you through this chaotic first quarter while you settle down and find your bearings. You begin to move slowly and steadily ahead in the second quarter and everything seems to fall into your lap. Some of it are returned favours from people you have helped in the past. Your connections seem to come in very handy. There is a concern of taking much more than you can handle as we move into the second half of the year. Remember to delegate and trust and know that you have a solid team with you and are never alone. A much needed break is taken and spent with family. As you take time out to reflect you cannot believe how your luck has changed this year and how easily things have come to you. You could never ask for a better year than this! Your industrious nature carries on as you close into the final quarter. Your energy is endless when it comes to having time for the family and your ambitions. As chaotic as things maybe you place an equal importance on everything and everyone in your life and this doesn’t go unreciprocated. It is going to be a nice end to the year when what you set out to create takes place. And you have done it really well too. It might not have been an easy road. But you never let your confidence waver one bit but instead carried on trying and experimenting till you got it right. Well done you for not giving up!

7_of_CupsAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

It is a pleasant beginning to the year for you Aries this 2016. There is part of you that dreams and hopes for many things but the reality is somewhat different. However, the mood is rather positive. And you believe that there is no harm in a little dreaming sometimes. You have struggled to keep your feet on the ground because of this in the past. So try a different approach this time. Be patient as well as good things might take a little longer to come around. There is a nice familiar joy that returns towards the end of the month. Expect a family or a friend from the past or even a joyful experience that you’ve had in your childhood to make an appearance.

The_HierophantTaurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

2015 has been quite a rough one for you in terms of your ambitions and career path. This year will begin with an awakening that each man is truly for his own in his pursuit of his dreams and goals. Community is really non-existent. It is a harsh reality indeed in this very busy world. You have always been the one for doing things together and keeping the team and community spirit alive. It is your believe that things can be better achieved when done together. But this year you find yourself letting go of this conception and doing things on your own and for yourself for a change.


5_of_WandsGemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

There is a lot of competition that is clouting your ambitions. Everyone is in a power struggle and you question yourself how can you make yourself stand out this New Year. Every possible idea you have thought of is something that everyone else has thought of and some done it better. You are confident that you can do better than your past ideas and continue to dig deep into your well of creativity. The good news is your boundless energy never lets you give up this search and you do end up finding something that brings you the financial independence that you have craved since the beginning of 2015. The search pretty much ends towards the end of the month and the path starts to reveal itself.


Queen_of_CupsCancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

January seems to be a very emotionally intense one for Cancer, which is not a surprise. Not only are sensitivity levels high so is your intuition. It’s a good time to be putting plans in place to achieve your ambitions and with the help of your heightened senses all the more better it will be. You enjoy being in control and like being seen as the queen or king of the castle. You value the community spirit and it would make you happy if you are on the pedestal of your community. However, be prepared to be thrown off your throne. It’s not a time for sulking it just means it’s time you give your attention elsewhere and let someone else be in charge for a change. It might just be a refreshing start to the New Year for you so try not to take anything too personally.

9_of_WandsLeo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You have made a decision that you aren’t going to accept any sort of defeat when it comes to achieving your ambitions this month. You have been rather dissatisfied with yourself in the past. And when you look back now you realise how spoilt and unappreciative you actually were. You aren’t going to make any mistakes now and go all out you shall! There are doors of opportunities ahead of you and each of them will seem equally plausible. Take your time to find the best fit. Not everyone gets to be in this enviable position so use this time wisely.

King_of_CupsVirgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You embrace a new outlook for the New Year where you become more polite and neighbourly to your peers and family. You have had enough of being called aloof and cold and wish to show everyone you aren’t really like that. You have many times been misunderstood and feel it’s now time to put the record straight. It is going to be a nice refreshing change and the response is going to be very warm as well. However, just remember you can’t really please everyone. So don’t be too hard on yourself. You are headstrong Virgo anyway who lives life according their terms.

6_of_CupsLibra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

While everyone else is making resolutions for achieving high ambitions in career and finances, you on the other hand Libra are taking a much more humble approach. The past year has taught you that family time has never been so precious. The joy it gave you and others has been priceless. So you carry on with indulging in familial relationships and creating beautiful memories. What others deem as ‘life’ feels alien to you for now. You are determined a balance can be achieved in all areas of life and this is what you seek to carve out for yourself this 2016, a plan to enjoy the best of both worlds, time with family and friends and achieving your personal ambitions.

Knight_of_CupsScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

It’s going to be a very emotionally as well as financially distressing time this first month of the year for you Scorpio. It can also be a time to fall into depression so be very aware. Avoid rubbing any family or peers the wrong way as emotions may be up one minute and down the next. On the whole, this experience will leave you to appreciate this hard time very much. You come full circle in understanding that it’s part and parcel of life to go through these experiences from time to time. With this you move forward with an inner knowing that things can only get better from now.

4_of_PentaclesSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

It’s a rather laid back start to the New Year for you Sagittarius. On the finances side, you opt to lie low. No big investments and spending is kept to a minimum. If it’s not a need you are not getting it. You have never been this disciplined and this will attract the attention of close ones. Instead of being in the limelight you choose to retreat and spend more time on your own as well. This could be to reflect or just to take it easy from a rather full on 2015. On the whole, things plod on slowly and steadily when it comes to career and finances just the way you like it to be.

The_Hanged_ManAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Rather than looking on the outside you switch your perspective inwards this January 2016. You haven’t really given yourself the opportunity to reflect on your past achievements. You are indeed a very proud and self-reliant person and intend to keep it this way moving forward. You aspire to create new things for yourself this year which will draw the attention of prospective employers or investors. It feels like a very positive start to the New Year as these opportunities are presented to you from a familiar person or place from the past.


9_of_PentaclesPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You approach the first month of 2016 with an outlook of choosing to live life on your own terms. Do things that make you happy and build a pot of wealth to treat yourself rather than others first. You have never felt more strongly about loving yourself first. If a travel opportunity comes up you will find yourself thinking about how exciting it’s going to be for you rather than what are the kids going to think? Or if that dream job pops up you decide to grab it instead of thinking a million times how it’s going to affect people around you. Good for you Pisces! It’s a time that is very well deserved. Carpe diem!

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