May 2019 Tarotscope

With so much that has been happening since the start of the year, it comes as no surprise if you choose to keep silent for the month of May. A conscious decision is made to steer clear of any drama or incite anything that could lead to a dramatic end.


April 2016 Tarotscope

April 2016 Tarot Forecast As we move into spring in full swing this April the after effects of a mad March will continue to trickle in. It’s a high energy month again so brace yourselves! Look out for the next instalment of the Blood Full Moon/ Lunar eclipse as well this April 15th. Passions will…

2+0+1+6=9, The Hermit Year

2+0+1+6=9, The Hermit Year Some might have been happy to see 2015 go and eagerly anticipate what 2016 will bring. I don’t blame you. In general, I have heard plenty of hardship in all forms be it health to financial woes in 2015. 2015 added up to an eight. Which in numerology is a karmic…