September 2018 Tarotscope

September 2018 Tarotscope

General Overview

You’ve got quite a task-oriented month ahead with a touch of romance or love at the end of the month. You might have been seeking change for a while, not the kind where you change the position of your desk, but the kind where you rattle things up for yourself. Seek what your heart has been telling you to do but just haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge and you find yourself making all sorts of excuses to take the easy path out. This month, you will tread the unknown and find out how as you go along. Help will come in the form of finances if that is your limiting factor. But think big and far ahead. There is a good chance you will succeed and even if you don’t, does it matter? Just try again. In the second half of the month, you seem to work your way to maintain your success. Meticulousness is paired with familiar methods to deliver the best results. You are certainly pouring your heart and soul into seeing your passion turn to success. There is plenty of hard work which will deliver results almost instantaneously. A very encouraging time to be in especially when it rubs off onto your love life. If you are a man, expect to meet the Queen of your heart and if you are a woman expect to meet your Prince charming. If you are already so privileged to be in the company of the love of your life then expect  a visit from the stork!


VirgoVirgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

This Month

Discontent is the flavour of your month. Not an ideal situation to be in but it simply means it’s time to find something that makes you feel content. This surrounds work or business and money areas of your life. If you are seeking to grow your wealth than an idea pops around and you seem to move things forward almost immediately. Virgos are known for their let’s get down to business attitude. So you will most likely find that discontent doesn’t linger around for too long. By the end of the month, you are mobilising your plans to expand your empire or the zeros at the end of your savings account.

Year Ahead (September 2018 – August 2019)

The year begins with a review of your relationships with people. Be it the challenging ones or the ones that you have had a struggle or conflict with. It’s time to put an end either to the relationships or perhaps take a renewed stance on things. It’s a year where you will emphasise work on yourself rather than your external circumstances. Achieving balance, calm and peace from within becomes a priority. If communication isn’t your thing then give it a rest. Perhaps let things work out themselves with your radio silence. There is no need to react to exchanges from others. Try to remember that at times a reaction isn’t necessary. Your attention in the second half of the year shifts towards wanting to expand your horizons when it comes to your career. There might be plans to travel, study or even take up an apprenticeship to give yourself some new skills. A sabbatical might be in order by this time or you just seem to cut back on your existing work to explore new grounds. By the last quarter, you may expect to be faced with a fork in the road when it comes to pursuing your passion. Do you do what pays the bills or do you do what makes you truly happy. It’s not a situation where a decision can be made easily so take your time to realise what best suits your current situation in life. It could end up being quite a life changing decision so it’s something that should not be rushed. There seems to be an opportunity to mix the two; making money and pursuing your passion. So plan this one out properly!

AriesAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

It’s an unusually productive month which evolves in the strangest of ways. Rather than working on things blindly, i.e. in a trial and error method, you are guided by your instincts. They appear to be sharper than ever and you learn to see that there is no use fighting it and trying to make sense of what you are feeling intellectually.  You aren’t going crazy you just need to trust and let go. Quite obviously, once you are guided to something, a place or even an idea, hard work and dedication will need to follow to ensure success and stability.

TaurusTaurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

You will certainly need to be sharp thinking and be able to deal with a situation with crystal clear clarity. You can’t afford to be swayed by the opinions of others. The reason for you not being able to think straight this month would be related to how much you have to account for. Your hopes and desires will interfere with what the reality is. So if you wish to stay on top of your game or even keep in the game, get a third party perspective if your mind is too cloudy to make a concrete decision. It’s ok to ask for help, a second opinion would surely put you in a better position to fend your corner.

GeminiGemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

This is one of those months where everything comes together because you stopped thinking and just went for it. The ‘what if’s’ are never ending if we allow ourselves to get sucked in. Sometimes you just need to have that attitude that says i’ll just take the plunge now and we’ll just work things out as we go along and all is going to be okay! So sprinkle some positivity, perseverance and enthusiasm, your ingredients of the month, to make something really special happen. There will be stress quite obviously, nothing great is ever achieved without some blood, sweat and tears. But it will be all well worth it when you see things coming to a completion; your finances will grow, and you gain new skills to last you a lifetime.

CancerCancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

If you have been bearing a grudge towards something or someone, it is time to let it go this month. Even though you feel you are right, it might be much more worth your while to admit defeat or just to walk away to maintain harmony in your relationships, if you do deem those relationships worthy that is. You will be put in a much better light by your actions. In return, you will gifted with time and help from your surrounding loved ones.

LeoLeo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You are nearing an end to completing a project which still feels very far to you. It’s a month where you are tested, as to how badly you want something to materialise. It’s only a blip if you learn to see it that way instead of feeling like you have hit a brick wall. It might be advisable to just tune out for a bit. Sit back and reflect on the purpose of you wanting to attain these achievements in the first place. Take note of the difference between desperation and passion. You might just be so desperate to complete a project that the main objective has got lost in the process. For example, you may even agree to cutting corners just to increase your margins. Be very wary of this, as your whole project could be derailed over something that could have been handled in a better manner to begin with.

LibraLibra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You can’t suppress your inner voice or the ‘strange’ dreams you have been having anymore. Stop trying to fight those instincts and rationalising things with your mind. Surrender to this conflict and you will start to live your life with much more ease. Prioritise your life. Begin to relax and go with the flow, resist the temptation to seize up when things don’t go to ‘plan’. Learn to see that this could be perhaps the plan itself. There is no such thing as a smooth and obstacle free journey otherwise it would not be called life. So go on, keep calm and live!

ScorpioScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

It’s a month where you learn to create some balance in your life. If you feel like you have been too focused on one thing, for example your career. It might be time to take a step back or turn off that phone and laptop and whisk yourself away to a tropical paradise. Financially, you seem to be in a good position. So there is no reason to worry about the bills for this month. Take time off, be with family and friends who have missed you!   

SagittariusSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Whatever it takes, you will use every inch of your power and strength to get to where you want to be. The goal is to be self-sufficient in the financial sense. Perhaps paying off that mortgage or even securing a pay increment. The method doesn’t bother you even if it may seem ruthless and deceitful to others. There is a very strong desire to feel complete in this area of your life as it has been something ‘to-do’ for a long time and you wish to check this off your list now. And so it will be done!

CapricornCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Just like how the wind may change its direction in an instant, you enter a time of sudden change of desire this month. You seem to throw caution to the wind for a change, quite unlike the usual character of a Capricorn to do so but the urge is too strong to turn your back on treading down this creative calling. Living by the book suddenly seems too monotonous and you realise perhaps it isn’t your truth. Is it just going to be a crazy fantasy or is this going to be for real? – we shall see. The Capricorn side does get unleashed where you begin to lay intricate plans to see yourself through this whimsical time. It doesn’t really feel like you are too keen to return to the old you any time soon. You’d just like to see where the wind brings you for a change.

AquariusAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

It’s decisions, decisions and more decisions this month! Money and career decisions aren’t always the easiest to make. Who said money isn’t important must have been a fool! You have worked really hard to be where you are financially and now the question is, do you risk it all to start something new which could seriously reduce your monthly earnings. Perhaps you may want to start things off on a part-time basis before you jump into things lock, stock and barrel. Give yourself the opportunity to see if it’s going to be worth your while before throwing away everything you have worked for even though it isn’t making you the happiest person at the moment.

PiscesPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Major changes on the work front this month for Pisces. Expect to hear a promotion or a salary increment. If you are in business then you can expect to receive good news on a deal or collaboration you have been waiting for or even a solution to a problem. There is no stopping you this month as praises continue to flow. You are on a positive streak and in favour by your management so take this opportunity to ask for whatever you want. Be it your own office space or a sofa in your office – go for it!

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