May 2016 Tarotscope

May 2016 Tarot Forecast

Number5May, the month before we hit mid-year! Where has the time gone i hear you say? It’s going to be a strange month with the Mercury Retrograde already in full swing as we begin May and it will be with us till the 22nd. In a Mercury Retrograde as you know, abstain from major decisions, watch how you communicate, expect technology issues etc. However, this Retrograde may feel a bit different for some. More relaxed than usual and the energies may not be felt that intensely by some. This first week should really be spent wisely and nothing should be done in haste. A lot of things or people from the past may suddenly feel relevant again in the second week. Don’t be surprised by this. It happens in retrogrades. So what may not have worked before may work again. It could even be something like an old toaster that starts popping out the toast again! It is going to be a strange month – i did say! Apply your existing knowledge and wisdom and be sure before you jump into something. Basically, opportunities are being laid out for you in the oddest of ways. Be mindful of this as you go through the month. Opportunities are meant to be seized so if you don’t it will be a rather waste of a month. There will be no point talking about things, it’s doing things that achieves results. So if all goes as advised expect to rejoice in the third week. Though you aren’t really out of the woods of the Mercury Retrograde yet your efforts of the first two weeks seem to result in something positive. Energies are revived and you get all excited. Again, time and energy have to be used wisely as we are still in a Mercury Retrograde. As we finally enter the week where the retrograde bids us au revoir, things shift dramatically. We move out of our physical lives and into our emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. We begin to reflect on our difficult times and appreciate the people that have stood by us and realise the importance of giving and receiving. We understand that forgiveness is not for the person that harmed us but for us. I would say May could well turn out to be a healing month for some and it could be a month where dreams are built. And it’s the events that take place in a Mercury Retrograde that will stay with us for a long time. So take it easy and pace yourselves!


morgan-greer-page-of-cupsTaurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

This Month

It’s matters of the heart that we are dealing with this month. You may either receive a confession of love from someone or have a family member pour out their emotions as to how they feel about you or something you have done. For the former, unfortunately it may not be the person you were hoping to hear this from. You could either cast your disappointment aside and invest your feelings in this unexpected confession and try to see if romance could blossom or move on. For the latter, don’t expect to hear rosy things. The words will cut like a knife but it will make you realise if it was worth investing your time and effort towards this family member in the first place. It’s now time to rearrange your priorities with your family members!

Year Ahead (May 2016 – April 2017)

It doesn’t appear like Taurus is about to move mountains in the coming year ahead as it’s going to be more of a year of self-improvement. The year kicks off with you needing some time off to recuperate. You might have been involved with an argument of some sort and wish to put things behind you. Emotionally it has drained you and taking time out to put this back into perspective will help things. The words exchanged were harsh and it has affected your self-esteem in a way. So taking inventory of your strengths and weaknesses might be a good place to start to begin the healing process. After all that rest, you will be raring to go in the second quarter. It might be a good thing to multi-task or keep yourself busy with different activities to let off that steam. It makes a nice change from the first quarter. And you will need this to keep your mood up. If you are on the lookout for a potential life partner, a new career, improved job prospects, a promotion, starting a business or even getting that dream property then the third quarter is the time for it. Whatever you touch turns to gold. So seize this window of opportunity and make the best of things by pushing yourself to achieve. The year end brings about a self-review again. It’s important to take a different perspective to things at times. This year seems to be a test of that. You have done well in that department but managing your emotions still seems to be a task. This might be a lesson for the next year – who knows! Use the time this year to teach yourself as much as you can. It is after all a year of self-improvement and healing. Good Luck!

KingOfCupsAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You are motivated this month to be a better person. This could be in the form of providing for the family financially or just being an emotional support. In terms of being an emotional support, you make the effort to be more available and listen more. As for being a better financial provider, good news is on the way. This could come in the form of a new job opportunity or an investor who sees value in you and your ideas and decides to give you the cash to kick off your business or grant you that dream job. Being in a Mercury Retrograde won’t always allow things to flow along smoothly so expect some obstacles along the way. Be aware and not be brought down by them and you should have a rather productive May.

TheLoversGemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

An excellent month if you are aspiring to be your own boss or if you already are. You have reached a stage in your life where things become crystal clear as to where your passion lies. It is a very exciting time as the creative Gemini conjures amazing ideas to drive their big plans ahead this May. It’s all about doing it now, no more thinking about doing it anymore. You set the ball in motion. But the Mercury Retrograde may make your progress feel hindered at times. Fret not! Plod on and things will reveal itself by the last week of the month!

TheChariotCancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Brace yourself as there is another lesson to learn this month. However, all ends well so you can breathe a sigh of relief! To achieve a successful life or harmony in your relationships things can never be achieved on your own. You may find yourself in the centre of trying to calm situations and bringing people together this May. You embrace the dark and light aspects of yourself and realise this is what makes you. It’s all about creating harmony within yourself as well as others around you. It is through this process that you realise how important it is to weave a fabric of interconnectedness with everyone around you and vice versa.

KnightWandsLeo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You have waited for some positive news to come around for some time now and it seems like May is going to be your month! Things are finally moving in the direction you have hoped for and you see your wishes coming true after many months of trying hard. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labour by pampering yourself for a change. This could be getting yourself a new car or doing up the kitchen. It is fantastic that you gotten to where you want to be but just be aware that you need to keep at things to maintain this level of success. So keep your feet on the ground whilst celebrating this month!

TheHermitVirgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You are looking to lie low this May for some introspection and analysis of your present situation to understand how you have come to it. Sudden changes may arise that may need your attention and action but you will need to find the balance between trying to get more information before you make a decision. Things might get frustrating at times as you try to achieve an equilibrium of solitude and taking stock of life whilst attending to day to day activities which will need your undivided attention. Your desire to slow things down might also be due to the Mercury Retrograde. The pace of things should go back to normal by the end of the month so just hang on!

TheWorldLibra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

So you have finally come full circle this month. It’s been a hard battle to get to where you are now. And there is still more energy left in you to pursue further challenges. Whatever you have been working on will see success or receive lots of praise this May and hence will drive your energies to carry on the pursuit. However, be sensible with spending your energies. With the Mercury Retrograde in motion you may be faced with lots of stagnation which will result in your emotions going erratic. Not ideal especially when you are basking in glory of your success. So wherever you can and when things don’t go your way take a back seat and analyse rather than press forward.

NineOfCupsScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

It’s a kind of a happily ever after theme going on this month. The worst is over and you can finally put your mind to rest. Your wishes are granted this May in the form of someone seeing your value and deciding to invest in you. It’s a perfect marriage as this has also allowed you to find your connection with your ‘soulmate’ which could be in the form of a person, career, business or challenge. Things could not be more smoother. So embrace this moment fully and remember to acknowledge your hard work in getting yourself to this stage.

KingOfPentaclesSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

You enjoy being in control and when your boat gets rocked it makes you nervous. You have always been in charge and don’t feel comfortable having it any other way. However, circumstances may change for you this month. Things can’t always be cosy. Changes will take place so rapidly that it will not give you time to think before accepting them and as such your mood will be all over the place. In a gist, things aren’t really going to go as planned this May. But take it all as a test of your resilience and reliability to outshine in whatever tasks or challenges that will be put before you.

2WandsCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

A confrontational May awaits for you Capricorn. Relationships with friends and family will be tested. Things have been brewing for a while and you have sensed this yourself for quite some time. You will make a decision as to which path you wish to take with these relationships. It’s a very unpleasant time to be in as your emotions will be erratic and at times a battle like atmosphere will emerge with the people in question. So be focused and clear with your actions this month. It is a Mercury Retrograde month as well so be patient and not let exchange of words get to you. Remember there is tendency for words to be miscommunicated and misunderstood this month.

4WandsAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Don’t drag your procrastination too far this month. You are very close to completing your task or reaching that goal. You might have made some mistakes, burnt some bridges or lost some money in the process but you can’t give up now. Feeling distressed over your loss isn’t going to help you. And if you sit on things too long you will just miss the boat and this would result in you having to start all over again. So whatever it is that knocked you over, rise to it, face it and fight on.

TwoOfPentaclesPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

It’s an exciting time this May for Pisces and it will feel like you are so full of energy to go ahead and take on the world. You might have a lot going on at the same time too. A move, a career change or even taking on a new pet – just some examples. Everything can get overwhelming so do accept help where you can there is no shame to this. There will come a time when devoting your attention to one thing at a time might be ideal so as not to waste your energies. So pace yourself and not let the excitement get to you.

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