August 2016 Tarotscope

August 2016 Tarot Forecast

Number_8It’s the final month of summer but things aren’t looking like they are about to slow down. In fact, prepare for a fired up August ahead. It’s definitely good news for the career and business minded as you receive assistance from planet Mercury and Mars this month. An efficient and productive month it’s going to be so don’t waste any time! For a start, try to put things that seem to be a waste of your energy behind you. A fresh slate will be ideal. Bring out that drawing board and begin to create plans to get the ball in motion. You will feel like you are on a roll during the first week as the Sun radiates its positive energy to all! Options will be abundant – lucky you! So take your time to weigh the best one and waste no time moving forward with it. There is no place for safe in the second week. Fulfill your burning desires and sod off emotional maturity. Expect to meet a like-minded character that shares the same ambitions and visions as you during the third week. This could either lead to a partnership or an opportunity to work for them. Keep a lookout for this as it could mean a fantastic financial opportunity for you! It will feel like a whirlwind of a month at times. But if at any time you feel like you need to slow down to listen to your instincts do so by all means. It is your one tool that will always guide you down the right path. On the whole it’s looking like a prosperous and extremely productive month. You will reap financial rewards for yourself by the end of the month. It most likely will be when you get paid. But there will be a nice extra awaiting!


StrengthLeo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

This Month

Worries and anxiety reach a peak this month which also means that you manage to find your way out of your nightmarish situation. The solution will be delivered to you by someone that you feel a deep connection with. You may or may not already know this person in the physical sense but it would feel like a deep soulmate connection. It will amaze you at how you are understood on every level without having to convince anyone for a change. Achieving the art of balance is what will get you out of your crisis. Practice appreciating what you have instead of what you don’t. It is crucial that you accept your current situation to realise that there is a silver lining in the clouds.

Year Ahead (August 2016 – July 2017)

Not so much of a dramatic year ahead awaits but rather a regular one with the usual bumps. Some lessons to be learned but nothing out of the ordinary. Expect positive news in the career or business department in the first quarter. If you are out of a job or seeking for one or even looking to start a new business be assured that you sort one out with plenty of potential. Financially things look upbeat. A major hurdle is overcome as you lay a solid foundation for your future. Although monetarily things are on your side, it may be wise to hold on to the urge to splurge. It seems it may be required for future improvements. Just having settled it will be time to make some changes again come second quarter. The job of building on your foundations continues. A fine tuning process goes underway which seems to affect your mood at times. All you need to do is to apply a different perspective to what is taking place around you to keep your emotional self in check. Your hard work pays off by the third quarter. Victory is on your side however it seems to come at a price. Expect to find your supporters turn against you or disagree with your methods. It may be hard at this time to explain yourself. But in time to come things will surely settle down. You need to keep your focus on working towards your goal. Not at the expense of others but through your sheer hard work. As the year end approaches, it might be good to put to rest rumours that have been floating around about you. Bear in mind that these are only thoughts and words which hold no bearing to your success. Put them behind you and let them go so you can plod on with your personal achievements. Stay focused is what you must do. There seems to be no end to your perseverance and drive. Expect to see this trickle into the next year and watch yourself scale to greater heights.

TheEmperorAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

August promises to be a highly productive month. It’s your chance to shine at the workplace or in business. You will be amazed at how quickly issues are resolved. Feeling in complete control of everything around you is a rare moment to come by so make sure the most difficult of tasks are taken care of during this time. With the help of Uranus – you may find yourself in a position of delivering your best ever! It may feel a bit overwhelming at times. So please feel no shame in asking for help or delegating. There is plenty to go around so you won’t feel shortchanged on this high energy month. There will be lots to learn this month to bring forward to future months so be alert!

TheHierophantTaurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

A positive August awaits for Taurus. If you are looking to make a change in career or business direction then this is it! The months before this were filled with brain fog. This month however, things have never been more clearer. You just seem to know what direction to head towards. And success unfolds as soon as you begin to work on your plans. It’s amazing how things just flow seamlessly. Enjoy and celebrate this month and your successes. As important as it is to work hard towards your final destination it’s just as important to acknowledge your achievements when you do get there.

TheLoversGemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Having Mercury on your side this August means you know you will be in top intellect form. Make the most of your sharp mind as well as your luck to make changes in your life where you have most wanted to see a change in. Pursue your passion and not be a sheep. Being different will certainly promise a better future. Following the herd will just mean a constant struggle. So choose your steps wisely. You don’t necessarily have to make plans to conquer the world. Start small. If making jams is your thing, why not sign up for the next farmers market and see how you go with selling your wares? Taking small steps means slowly but surely!

TheChariotCancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

It’s a rather strange month for Cancer. Rather than moving fast forward like the other signs you will be instead hitting pause. It’s a time of reflection where you will be questioning yourself if you are doing things for the happiness of others or yours? Rather than charging forward blindly, the advice is to slow down or better still keep still. Just like a computing system you find yourself reformatting your busy mind to seek out your inner voice to guide you towards your next step. Great challenges lie ahead. But to conquer them a clear mind is required. As Cancer is shrouded by the Moon this month expect emotions to cloud your thinking. You may find this to be your biggest challenge of the month!

TheHermitVirgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

It’s not a time to rush to make decisions this August. Your mind is a awash with ideas but it is not the time to settle. Sit on things and mull over them if time permits. You need to ‘feel through’ things as they come at you. Go with what feels instinctively right. You can only do this when you are relaxed and given the luxury of time to do this. You will be happy that you took your time in the end. Work with the tools you have and do not make yourself feel inadequate with tools that aren’t at your disposal. Perfect your foundation to ensure a solid next few months. Get right down to the basics if it’s required. It will only help you gain a deeper understanding of what you are getting yourself into. So once again, take your time and don’t rush!

JusticeLibra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Expect to go through a very emotional month of August. Previous disagreements or thoughts about things that have upset you must be put to rest in order for you to move forward. Letting go seems important if you are to keep your emotional self under control. It isn’t wise to make any decisions with regard to finances this month. Leave the credit card at home to avoid emotional spending on things you don’t really need. If you heed the advice above you should in general have a fairly positive and smooth month ahead. Good Luck!

DeathScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Scorpio being the ambitious characters that they are will be pleased to know that things are looking extremely positive on the financial front this month. You may find yourself closing the chapter on your mortgage repayments or receiving a nice inheritance. Or it may be as simple as a family heirloom being passed on to you. All in all it is a relatively lucky August. If you find that eye twitching a little there would be no harm in getting yourself a lottery ticket or two. If you have been trying to overcome competition at work or business then this seems like a perfect month to see success in that department.

TemperanceSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

A positive month awaits Sagittarius. You won’t be sitting around for things to fall in your lap. Businesses or careers will be flourishing this August. It will feel like the perfect time to create opportunities for yourself to make things happen. You have planted the seed and now all you need to do is stand back and enjoy your masterpiece. There is also plenty of good news if you are planning to be in the family way or pursuing the love of your life. It will feel like you have finally achieved what you had set your sights on this month. Foundations feel solid and you are raring move on to the next phase in life.

TheDevilCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

There isn’t too much chaos in Capricorn’s world this month instead it will be a quiet and reflective August ahead. A new found passion is discovered in the form of a person, object or activity. To turn your passion into something tangible you will need to work on letting go of events from your past which will appear as blocks in your path. These blocks will make you feel undeserving of goodness in your life. A good place to start would be to face whatever you need to face like a person who has hurt you, a negative experience or habits. It’s time to heal and let go so you may make space for the new in your life.

TheStarAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Things are generally on your side this month Aquarius. You seem to have the final say in any disagreements and emerge victorious in anything of a competitive nature. The experiences from this month will lead you to a deeper understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses. The month moves by quickly with the many lessons you seem to get through. You realise the importance of moving on and what a waste of energy harping on something can be! Your energies are on a high so learn and make happen as much as you can with the power of your mind and words on your side this August.

TheMoonPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

A month of discovery awaits Pisces this August. The sun seems to shine for you so make the most of the events that take place. A newfound passion is ignited which seems related to the creative side of things. You may wish to get down and get your hands dirty or simply create things with the power of your mind. A talent is unleashed which will come to the surprise and praise of many. This excitement seems to fuel your boundless energy this month. So go on get inspired and get creating!

Image: “Gold Lion” by Jen Collins

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