June 2015 Tarotscope

number-6June 2015 Tarot Forecast

Hurrah it’s the first month of summer! June promises to live up to being one of the most positive months of the year as the temperature rises. Mercury retrograde sees its exit on the 11th of June. But the worst of it was already over in May. So kick back and relax and soak up this positivity while we can! Expect plenty of changes and improvements as the month begins. This can be in the area of money, career or even health. We are led to people and places to solve that issue that has been nagging at us for the past month. Accept whatever help that comes your way as it will certainly come in need. There is a nice constant exchange of money flow so avoid overloading yourself with unnecessary stress.  In this month, with the help of Jupiter and Venus coupled with your drive and passion progress will follow suit fairly easily. Things that seemed so hard to achieve in previous months just fall into place this June. Expect the unexpected as its going to be a whirlwind of a month. Take that extreme holiday that you always dreamed about or indulge in treating yourself.  It’s also essential that we take a step back to analyse our actions at every step of the way to ensure we are not overacting and being mature about the decisions we take. So let the games begin!


The_High_PriestessGemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

This Month

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Never have you been presented with so many. But what a good feeling as options seem abundant and every one of them is equally attractive and rewarding as well. A nice dilemma to have indeed! However, steer clear of being overcome with greediness. This is going to be a test of taking the time to listen to that inner voice and going with what feels right and sharpening that intellect to make the wisest decision possible. All the tools will be at your disposal.

Year Ahead

A brand new year brings with it an experimental new venture. Breaking out of the norm and dabbling in something that has never been experienced before feels very alluring and to top things off all will work in your favour as well. A slow and steady growth in areas of life like work, business and even health will be observed in the first quarter.  Dissatisfaction takes over as you move into the second quarter when progress comes to a crawl. Impatience creeps in and the zest that you began the year with wears thin. None of this signifies a failure it just calls for a fine tune before that engine is fired up again. By the third quarter you can’t help the feeling of being weighed down.There is no shame in acknowledging the need for delegation by this point. Let go of as much possible as it will be the most practical thing to do. Being overly emotional will hinder any form of future developments. The year-end reveals signs of a struggle to keep up with competition. The key to winning will be to outwit the opponent. Putting off the decision to plod on or to call it a day would only result in a revisit of similar circumstances in the future. The journey in the year leads one to understand the importance of taking calculated decisions versus rash ones. There is never a dull day in the life of the thrill seeking Gemini so try again they shall!

King_of_PentaclesAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

This is the month to put the plans that have been in your head into action. It’s the perfect time for it as well. Progress will be inevitable in every sense of the word as you receive all the support you can get from the planets. Things will speed along as long as the first leap is taken. All emotional difficulties and misunderstandings with family and friends seem to clear up and all becomes well and rosy in that area of life again. Take delight in the rainbow that will shine over you and your loved ones this month.

9_of_CupsTaurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Alas it finally feels like there is direction! Emotional fulfilment and satisfaction fill the month. After months of trials and errors and lots of trepidation a perfect fit has arrived. This emotion mostly centres on a career or a business direction. Imagine the feeling of finally finding the right combination on a safe and at a sound of a click a treasure awaits. This is the feeling that await you this month dear Taurus. This perfect fit brings with it plenty of knowledge, financial rewards and the long awaited emotional satisfaction that you have yearned for. Things have never been this sweet in a while!

Queen_of_PentaclesCancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Nothing will stand in the way of making things a success this month. A dilemma preoccupies and clouds the mind. Retreating inward and allowing your intuition to lead you to signs of where things need to go seem the best thing to do. Keep calm and make no hasty decisions. Things have already been set in motion for a guaranteed success whether it’s a career direction, creating a business or making a health plan. So just take your time to select the best option.

The_SunLeo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Let’s just say you got the magic touch this month! It’s the perfect month to ace on that important test or life decisions. Your warm and radiant energy makes you the favoured person of the month and get away with anything you really do. This window of opportunity of such perfect planetary alignment doesn’t come around as often as it should so use this time efficiently to overcome your most difficult tasks. There is good news as well if there are plans to be in the family way!

Ace_of_CupsVirgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

All is full of love for Virgos this month. A well of emotion is what you have become. Gratitude for the good things that life has provided you with takes precedence. This positive outlook turns you into a magnet of attracting wonderful happenstances in the areas of a career, business, love and health. You make a mental promise to continue to upkeep this ‘all is well and beautiful in life’ attitude as you reap through its rewards this June.

8_of_WandsLibra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

An extremely productive month await you this month dear Libra. No time is wasted in handling the numerous tasks at hand. Each one is performed to a tee and delivered punctually. The only limitations are the ones set by oneself. So remove any thoughts of self-doubt and criticism and the excellent use of the time available this month will be produce plenty of perfectly completed tasks. Efforts for this month will see itself spilling into months moving forward. So bear in mind the saying what goes around will come around as the check list is ticked off.

2_of_SwordsScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

This month Scorpions are sitting on a decision where all options seem equally promising and will pave the way towards achieving that passion.Delaying that decision making will hamper progress that has already been set in motion or could result in unwanted emotional rollercoasters. This may apply to a relationship, health situation and a career/ business direction.

kingofwandsSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Take charge and make the changes that you want to see happen. A line has to be drawn when taking into consideration the feelings of others. One’s actions will not always be a cup of tea to someone else but prioritising personal desires and hopes are essential in living a fulfilling life. Overcome one’s sensitivity and not getting affected by the words of others seems to be the lesson of the month.

Ace_of_WandsCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

There is a strong desire to seek new relationships be it in the form of a romantic or a platonic one. A feeling of stagnation has set into an existing relationship or so you sense. At times stagnation or a lack of growth in a relationship could be misinterpreted as fallen out interest so be fully aware of this. Don’t try too hard but just go with what the flow brings. If a lack of excitement exists for the moment it could be a sign of slowing things down in order to delve into a deeper connection in an existing relationship. Spread your roots and settle down and just become.

Page_of_SwordsAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

There are a lot of fleeting thoughts and new ideas flooding your mind this month. All of these ideas may appear special and unique to one but could seem naive and immature to another. In order to put oneself in a more persuasive position introspection is needed. Lots of self-analysing coupled with intuition will guide you in the right path to take. No major decisions or plans are advised for the month but absorb all that is needed from the surrounding environment and people to assist you in making the most informed decision possible for the coming months.

5_of_SwordsPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Set realistic expectations for yourself dear Pisces. It is easy to get carried away with all the available options. Know your strengths and weaknesses before you decide to take on that extra work or study. Juggling more than one act may not be suitable at this time so think carefully before you decide overloading yourself with more than you can handle. Avoid getting overly emotional about things instead use your mind to weigh the options carefully.

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