2021 Tarotscope

2021, discovering freedom and adapting to a new reality!

After a very limiting and restricted 2020, it’s going to feel liberating to experience freedom this 2021. Freedom will come in the form of an experience of an inner liberation despite the constrictions of our external circumstances. We will find or discover ways to operate within the confines of our newfound reality hence feeling free. Adaptability and change will be our constant in 2021. Finding our stability in what has been a very undulating 2020, has been at the top of everyone’s agenda. Am very pleased to say financial stability is achieved this 2021. If you have been the one holding the ship together last year, there is  relief allowing you to loosen the reins a little. The focus shifts towards you; to move towards your calling and desires. You are not being told to abandon your responsibilities but to give yourself some breathing space and do what makes you happy. Like picking up a new hobby or learning new skills. 2021 will also be a year where you implement radical changes in your life but be sure to balance your heart and mind when it comes to making these changes. These changes will determine your life course over the next few years so be sure you match logic with your heart’s desires. This is a year of expansion and growth, some change will be initiated by yourself and some will be unexpected. The unexpected changes may disrupt your flow but be sure to keep up and be open and receptive at all times. There is something to learn in everything. If things get challenging and overwhelming which they most definitely will this year, be sure to reach out and collaborate or form a partnership or seek help in the form of a coach perhaps. If there is anything to learn from 2020, it is you are never alone and there is always someone you can turn to in times of your need. Good luck for 2021 peeps! Wishing everyone a much more stable year ahead!

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

It feels like Aries needs a recovery from 2020 before you can kickstart 2021 with a bang. It’s been hard hustling but it’s paid off. However, you know you cannot carry on the way you have been operating. Changes are required in the way you hustle or look for work this year. Carry on the way you are and you will most likely hit a plateau or start to feel very frustrated. The second quarter is all about managing your emotional loss with a very unbiased logical mind. Move your focus to what you still have around you and build on that instead. Being Aries, it’s easy to act out your emotions before processing things in your mind. You will master that art this year. Part of the module will also include, learning to trust your instincts. The final quarter brings good news about money. It’s also a time to pursue new business ideas or a new career. You look like you are in a more balanced place in your life and nothing feels too overwhelming for you. All you have to do is to be open to opportunities and to be fearless. Which I feel you will have no trouble with at all!

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

Overall, it’s a successful year for achieving your goals. Strategising your moves is essential when it comes to becoming an all rounder. One of your goals for the year will be to become a much more balanced individual. One who is able to provide financially as well as being available in a compassionate and empathetic manner for your family. Take time to pause and reflect on your actions. If you wish to remain successful in your endeavours, it may be necessary to take check of where you are at in your journey just to ensure you haven’t veered off. You find yourself compelled to move away from situations, people or opportunities that don’t fit with your ‘project happy’. The need to seek growth through learning is important to you. Picking up new projects or entering the world of entrepreneurship may be your calling this year. Or perhaps a side hustle, to test the waters before diving into entrepreneurship full time.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

It isn’t looking like it’s going to be particularly a smooth sailing year for Gemini but feel it will be important to work at laying the foundation for what you wish to achieve. Your confidence looks a bit rattled as the year begins. Things don’t appear to be what they are and you aren’t feeling very in control of things around you. You find your usual gung ho attitude and bubbly self retreating. Possibly feeling wounded as well. But it will also be a time to learn and understand what triggered it all. Things do feel more upbeat around the work or the business front in the second quarter. There are money opportunities around but they involve collaboration or forming a partnership. The journey begins but there is also more hard work to follow. You aren’t going to be making a windfall this year and you may find your outgoings exceeding your incomings. But do not make the mistake of viewing your outgoings as expenses instead view them as an investment. And it is these outgoings that will seal your future or success. Things will definitely be moving forward with your hardwork and meticulousness albeit not providing much physical results. What you really will be doing this year will be laying a solid foundation for yourself and acquiring the wisdom you need. Be creative and don’t be afraid to dream this 2021. 

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

It’s a fragile year ahead for Cancer. You will be riddled with challenges and many times feel like you have made progress only to take two steps back further down the road. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change your game plan altogether but just make tweaks as you go along. The setbacks will be inevitable but there will be something to take away from everything. You find yourself toning down your bold and confident attitude because it seems to be rubbing people the wrong way for a start. If you find the characters in your life getting defensive, the best thing would be to walk away rather than to have a confrontation. The second quarter is spent mostly with family and improving the home you live in or maybe even house hunting! The need to start afresh seems to be very strong. You’ve got more fire to fight with people around you in the third quarter. They are either jealous of your progress or just don’t agree with you. This can be anyone, not just your colleagues or competitors. It can also be your spouse! It’s a tricky situation to be in and not one where you will know how to deal with instantly. Be sensitive about the situation and deal with it slowly. Despite everything, you are grateful for the experiences in 2021 and don’t feel you could have found a better teacher for the lessons you learnt. Things aren’t particularly over, you could be faced with one final lesson before the year ends.  

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

The middle path feels like a safe one this year for Leo. The need for moderation and balance weighs heavily on you during the first quarter of the year. You have taken on more than you can chew, while things are successful, the best thing would be to step away or hand over the reins to someone else while you go in search of a more fulfilling path. On the whole, it’s a relatively calm year ahead. You may find yourself taking more time out or going on a path of spirituality. Trying to stay on top of the competition isn’t something that will drive you this year. Whatever path you choose, it may not necessarily be an easy one. It may take a lot of patience and perhaps retreating and socializing a lot less. The type of relationship building that you will find more attractive will be the one with yourself. However, play your cards well or you could be burning bridges here. It’s important to have your feet on the ground always, even when you are seeking different perspectives this year.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

There is alot to take in for Virgo this 2021. It’s not a time for sitting around and doing nothing. The work you put in may not produce physical results but it still needs to be done. You are building a foundation for yourself. No matter how much you plan things, they aren’t really going to go as planned. So don’t bother being detailed and meticulous in the first quarter. It would be easier to just go with the flow. In the second quarter, you may find your time being used to keep the harmony around conflicts. It will be quite a testing time as this will turn out to be a struggle. For the Virgos in a relationship, money issues may cause a strain in the relationship. The best way around this would be to manage your expectations and spend within your means. If you are planning home improvements perhaps, it may be a wise idea to do some of it yourself by learning some DIY techniques from YouTube for example. The year end will be a busy one for you, as you try to juggle managing family and new work. It may be something new to you and will involve lots of learning. So be sure to pace yourself towards the year end! 

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

The focus is very much on the material aspect of your life this 2021. You are embarking on a new venture or project and will be very focused on moving forward with plans to make things happen for yourself. It may be an idea to start a business, pursue a PHD or maybe just begin a new hobby. The idea is to get things moving in your life. Despite the uncertain times, you seem very pleased with your progress in the second quarter and continue to refine your plans to get to where you want to be. Your outlook for life is a very positive one. And is focused on rebuilding yourself and your life this 2021. You have spent a lot of time in introspection and have realised which are the areas in your life that need a solid foundation to flourish from. And you are spending the year doing just that. There is no time pressure on this but your determination will be your drive to set things in place so you can grow. Be bold and brave, and explore beyond your limitations. This is the year to dream and to lay your plans to achieve them. You have come very far and now is the time to think about you and what you wish to achieve in the coming years for yourself.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

It’s a fantastic year if you are planning to grow your pot or looking for investment opportunities. However, you need to take some risks in order to gain big earnings. The opportunities are there but they aren’t for the faint hearted. You are quite accustomed to the traditional and safe ways of growing your money so this will be a big step to take in order to multiply your wealth in a shorter time frame. The biggest worry is to ‘part’ with your money and fearing you may not see it again. Only the bold and brave can play this game. The advice is not to gamble your wealth but to do your research and invest sensibly. This can be a game changer for you in terms of establishing a more relaxed relationship with finances and shifting your mindset towards one of abundance. It’s a year of rebuilding yourself and using logic in times of uncertainty.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

It feels like a year of tidying up your emotional self and sorting out priorities to lay a detailed plan of action for yourself. You may not see results this year as it’s a year of soul searching and realising what your calling is. It can be emotional at times and that’s where you need to apply your logic to your situation. There is positive news in the first quarter in relation to your position as a provider. But with it also comes a certain amount of uncertainty. What may seem as good news at first begins to reveal a different side to things. There is no such thing as time being wasted on dreams. That is how brilliant ideas are born. You may spend much of your time in the second quarter, conjuring ideas or dreaming up possibilities. These aren’t far fetched thoughts, they are very much grounded. What you are doing is gathering information around these possibilities. This exercise will give birth to a realisation of what your capabilities are and what you would really like to achieve in your life. Every step or decision in life must be made while in a state of balance. There have been past regrets, realisation about how could have done things differently but you cannot spend time wallowing. Instead use your heart and your logical mind to learn what you need to and move on. Help yourself, by laying a plan of healing. Pick up breathing techniques or speak to someone with an objective opinion or just begin to let go – that’s always the best medicine in my opinion. Let go of what is not yours and does not serve your purpose any longer. Free up that space so you can make room for the good things you have dreamed for yourself.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It’s looking like a great start to the year for the single Capricorn. You meet your potential soulmate, someone who seems to be emotionally mature. This appears to be an opportunity not to be missed. If you have been on a path of discovering what your passion is, then it looks like an opportunity will present itself to guide you on a path of finding what it is. Opportunities that come your way in the first quarter should not be dismissed as they are the beginnings of good things to come. Trust your instincts if you feel discontent with a partnership or a collaboration or a job in the second quarter. Trusting your instincts rather than a logical explanation will work better in this instance. Making the decision to move on may make you feel uncertain about things. But it will also be the only way to gain clarity and to hear your own voice. It will be a wise decision to invest in yourself towards the end of the year. Be it on self-improvement courses or picking up new skills or updating current ones, it looks like an important rite of passage to take to help in your growth. Capricorns never keep still and need to find ways to learn and grow and this will be one of the ways in 2021.  

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The chase doesn’t quite appeal to you anymore. Stability in how you earn your money is beginning to sound more attractive. The past year has been quite a hectic one, and for 2021, a time of stability and calm is what you will crave. Invest some time in deriving a plan where you can create a bit more uniformity in your monthly earnings so you can divert your energies to things that make you more fulfilled. The thought of a yoga or meditation class or any form of relaxation technique will not sound alien to you anymore. In fact, it will be something you seek to even out your nerves and moods and also to take more control over your mind. Finances need to be watched in the second half of the year. Manage your spending or you’ll face some struggle. The year end feels like the perfect time to go mad with treating yourself and your loved ones. There is also a discovery of a new passion. Finding something that makes you very excited and full of joy. There may even be a possibility of turning this newfound passion into a money making opportunity!

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

The Pisces attitude is one of optimism this 2021. There is no time to waste in wallowing, so you choose a shift in perspective after some deep pondering. There is no fear of losing out, just making the most of what you have at the moment during the first quarter. There is celebration and lots of moving forward as you seize opportunities and achieve the result you want. There is not much thinking involved, just act first and think later in the second quarter. You may want to indulge your other half or someone near and dear in the third quarter, but do so within your means. Quality time spent with this special person will feel rare and precious so make the most of the time you have. Your mood for the year end is elevated, there is not much that can bring you down. Your generous mood allows you to move past conflicts and arguments where others are trying to undermine you or your authority. You choose to plod on and not get involved with small minded individuals.