April 2015 Forecast

4This second month of spring will see a lunar eclipse taking place on the 5th of April. No need to set your alarm bells off but do make a note to give your Aries and Libra friends some space as they would be the first to be experiencing the effects of April. It’s going to be a month full of surprises for each zodiac and therefore rather difficult for me to create a generalized forecast as each one of us will be faced with experiences that will be unique only to us. As tumultuous and dynamic the month may be for your finances, health and relationships it will be a very exciting one for all! I promise! Your circumstances will change dramatically at the flip of a coin when you feel you can’t take it anymore and keep away from making careless decisions as this will leave you with deep regret. On the whole there is good news for business owners and budding entrepreneurs; you will receive support in all areas to help your business expand. Amidst all the drama of April, you will learn the following lessons in your own ways that going back to basics and working on your foundations is the best thing you can do for a successful year ahead. Balance is the key to everything in life and you can’t really do everything at once so remember to pace yourselves. Be generous to yourself and others to keep a constant flow of give and receive happening. Practice prudence and patience and it is only YOU that can make things happen for yourself. So get off your arses and go create!


Page_of_WandsAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

This month centres on where you see your life heading. You feel confident and sure that you have finally discovered your one true passion and now it’s time to make a decision on how to set this ball in motion. Feeling triumphant and gung-ho about moving forward with your idea could see you rushing forward. Take things easy and create a plan first of all. All decisions should be given time and properly thought out. Do not let this wave of confidence get to your head. Research will be your best bet this month. So take baby steps at a time.

Year Ahead

The year kick starts with you trying to figure out ways to plant a seed to grow your finances. You have been feeling trapped by your circumstances but this lunar eclipse will shatter your misconceptions of what you have held as the truth to your situation all this while. This breakdown will build the motivation you need to move forward to build something for yourself, be it a business, a family, honing your craft or just improving your health. It’s time to stop crying over your spilt milk as there is something good in what you have to work with at the moment. Things can only start to move and plod on if you cut your ties to your past and accept the situation you are in. Look at it as a kind of spring cleaning of your attachments to your past. Doing this is important to embrace a happier family life and a healthier financial position. By the third quarter, you will see the structure and foundations you have built to pave the way for your success paying off. There is good news about money and job opportunities and/or even your health. Give yourself a good pat on the back for all your efforts to get here. You deserve this. The end of the year sees you fine tuning what you set off to do at the start of the year. Things will be going so well by this time that choices (all good) seem to be popping out of the works. This will leave you overwhelmed and confused at times as everything seems just as fantastic. However, you will be putting that discipline and structure that you have acquired throughout the year to make well informed decisions to ensure your continued success. It’s hard work this year dear Aries but the rewards at the end of it will blow you away!

Ten of Cups

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

You seem to have quite a bit going on for yourself this month dear Taurus. Family matters seem in need of your attention. Either you could be heading in the family way or find dealing with your little inquisitive one a challenge. Your patience is going to be tested in some ways and you will find yourself thinking out of the box to provide answers to outsmart your ‘opponent’ like you never have. Please do take a health check if one is due. There may be something there that may need your attention. Nothing too serious but will be worth checking up on. You seem to be on a lucky streak as well with your finances. Unexpected money seems to be making an entrance so do take time out to treat yourself to make up for all the difficult months you have faced recently.


Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

You seem to have had it rough recently dear Gemini. As a result you have engulfed yourself with unnecessary fear and brought upon stress to your health. It is time to remove this cloak of fear and see the positive side of the experiences that have led you to feel this way. There is a learning lesson for everything that happens. Allow your constricted breath to flow with ease now as you start to see through recent happenings and make the best of your situation. Things have left you more headstrong now to face any more difficulties that will be coming your way. Come on you can do this!

Two of Wands

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You haven’t really much to complain this month Cancer! You are presented with choices and either way you go you just can’t go wrong. My suggestion is bask in this good fortune of yours for this month as you never know when this opportunity is going to come around again. There is going to be plenty to rejoice about as you can see your passions finally coming to fruition. There is hope at the end of this tunnel and to get there you seem to have everything laid out for you to get there. Life has never been better!


Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Balance is your flavour of the month. You may have found yourself over indulging or devoting too much attention to just one thing over the past months. It’s time to take a back seat and retreat and reflect. It’s all about adjusting yourself to seek a much more balanced and enriching life. Sometimes too much of a good thing may not be so healthy after all. Trying giving for a change instead of receiving and you will find it feels much more fulfilling than the latter. Go on make that change!

Three of Pentacles

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

There is excellent news for Virgos in business or budding entrepreneurs. Your creations or ideas have finally taken the interest of a potential investor. It’s been some time that you have worked on this idea and are over the moon to see this moving along now. If you are currently in business then there is great opportunity to see it grow further with some financial investment assistance. Your ambitions ring very high this month and aren’t going to give up no matter how weary you become to see things to success. This applies to everyone who is in business or an employee. If you are expecting some news on your health then you will have plenty to celebrate about as well!


Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Be prepared to receive a shake up this coming lunar eclipse. It may not necessarily be for the worst but it certainly will be the wake-up call that you will need for this year. What you have held as true to your heart may not necessarily be so anymore. This may be linked to your dreams and hopes and your relationships with people. For the majority however It seems to lean towards relationships. You will realise through all this you should have trusted your instincts all along and not be pushed along by others opinions and perceptions. You do not sit and dwell on your misconceptions for long you seem to pick yourself up and carry on your journey with a greater sense of trust of yourself.

Seven of Cups

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Confusion together with disappointments don’t really sound like a nice combination to have this month. There seems to be an inner conflict with your mind and your inner psyche. Your instincts and/or your sixth sense seem to be guiding you in a direction which seems to be the complete opposite of where you are right now. You feel absolutely misguided and lost as to where to turn. However, this may not be all negative. In a way, things could be showing you what worked before may not do so now and that you are in need of a change to embrace new experiences in your life. It will feel like a pupa ready to transform into a butterfly stage of his life. It may be confusing for now but you will look back at this and feel glad that you acknowledged this nudge in life.

Six of Cups

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Feelings of joy and gratitude fill you this month. You find yourself having flashbacks of all the good times with people that made you happy and vice versa. You take notice of your current surroundings and feel a glow of happiness. You could not ask for better people or experiences in your life. Everything seems too perfect as it’s been a case of being at the right time and place all this while. At times you do worry if things will always be this way or has all this goodness in life given you a false perception of what is to come. It is ok to enjoy this moment. Acknowledging and being thankful for the good things in life will certainly strengthen your faith.

Three of Swords

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Your suspicions are proven right. You manage to dodge making a bad decision which lands you in a very profitable position. You are a person who dares to take risks and challenges but however you felt this wasn’t the time to do so. This could be related to relationships and/or your business. If you are currently in business it could mean spotting the black sheep amongst your staff who could be up to no good with your finances. Whatever it may be you can’t seem to wipe that smirk of your face for getting it right!

Ten of Swords

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

It’s time to put a rest to whatever has been on your mind. There is no point blaming anyone for the financial calamity you have been put through recently. You have indeed been back stabbed and it’s over and done with now – yes we got it! It’s time to move on and look ahead. It seems whatever that you have recently lost will be very soon be replaced and much more as well. The end of the month leaves you feeling very glad with the good fortunes that have been bestowed upon you.


Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Pisces you seem to be one of the zodiacs who seem to be least affected by the tsunami wave that the lunar eclipse brings with it this 5th of April. Things are going on along with a skip in your step. There will be plenty to celebrate in the family area of things, finance as well as business growth. All seems to flow into place at the right time and everything seems to be very sweet in life for you.

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