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2017 Tarot Forecast

It’s the start of a fresh new beginning as we enter 2017. And i mean this in the literal sense. 2017 is “1” year in numerology (2+0+1+7=10), (1+0=1) and the number 1 signifies new beginnings. Therefore it is going to be the perfect year to make a brand new start!

ariesAries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

It feels as though 2016 has taken its toll on you emotionally. So forget about the resolutions at least for the first quarter and go easy on yourself. Take time to rest and recharge and as you do, let your heart guide you to where you must go and what you must experience. A light hearted approach to 2017 will amazingly stir some creativity in you to change the way you have been conducting your life. Tap into your dreams and inner voice to discover a passion. Expect to make a life changing decision this year that will lead you to many amazing discoveries about yourself. The worst is finally behind you now and you can make the most of 2017 by not allowing the momentum to stagnate. A journey overseas will bring about a spiritual and transformational awakening. You will welcome a new you by the end of the year.

Tip: Slow down and listen to your inner voice. Meditation, yoga or even spending more time with nature will help you.

taurusTaurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

You might be on the lookout for a new family home this year. It is important to you that you create stability in the family environment. But do not take on more than you can handle or you will see things go pear shaped. If you are single, there is a good chance of hooking up with someone special. Expect to experience a big shake up towards mid year. This might leave you a little lost and disappointed. It is a lesson bearing experience so try to move past your emotions and retreat inwards if you are to make sense of the situation. Acquiring new skills or education will certainly help with your future growth. So if you find a calling for a new direction in your career an upgrade of skills or knowledge would be in order. It’s a year of making important decisions for those born under the star of Taurus. Deal with any issues as soon as they arise to avoid a slow down on your progress this year.

Tip: Balancing heart and mind is key. Avoid emotions getting the better of you if you wish to stay on path. Embrace changes.

geminiGemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

There is no time wasting this 2017 as you shift your focus towards achieving your goals and begin with laying out the plans to do so as soon as the year kicks off. You could find yourself taking on something completely new. If you don’t make things happen they probably aren’t going to happen. The pace is set by you and you will find that the speed at which things unfold will have very little to do with external forces. You have the opportunity to start a business on the side if you are already in a full time career or switch to running a business full time. A business which brings you back to your childhood or child related products or services might be the right fit for you. You learn the art of teamwork and collaboration as you realise you are not very good alone. You are advised to put on your authoritative best if you are to succeed in your endeavours. Keeping your emotions in check as your key to a successful year!

Tip: Stay focused. Be open to new ways of doing this. Stay within your authority.

cancerCancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Achieving balance between your heart and mind is the essence of 2017 for Cancer. Sometimes fighting forward with gusto may not necessarily apply to all situations. Tame your aggression where you can or there will be potential to run into disaster. It will be ideal to stand back or walk away from a situation when it’s upsetting those around you rather than to go head on to ‘win’. It’s not a very good time for relationships as well. When the confrontation gets too much for you go into retreat and reflection mode. There will be recurring instances which will appear like a test of your patience. What they really are – just tests to see how badly you want something. Always remember to combine empathy with unbiasedness in your decision making. The good news throughout all this is you will finally get to discover your true life calling this year!

Tip: Understand why things have happened or are happening the way they do. Be diplomatic in all situations.

leoLeo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Life changing decisions as well as dilemmas are the theme for 2017. As it being a Year 1 numerologically, these decisions and dilemmas have come at a very timely moment in your life. You will find your subconscious trying to send you messages through your dreams which you may find hard to ignore. The first life changing decision that you might have to make at the start of the year would be what creative direction do you really want to see your life take? As Leos, you will take calculated risks towards this. Planning is important and that is what you will be doing for most part of the year. Don’t expect to see the decisions materialise this year as you will be in planning phase. The fantastic things to come out of this year will be your sharpened intuition, trust and belief in yourself as well as a more balanced emotional outlook in your life. Great achievements i would say! Take the time to revisit a happy time in your past, be it in your thoughts or physically. It might just be the perfect recharge for you as you allow yourself to draw inspiration. It isn’t going to be a fast moving year although it will feel that way in the first quarter. Expect yourself to be in a self-reflective mode for most part of the year.

Tip: Lay solid foundations for this year with very detailed plans.

virgoVirgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

It’s a year of self evaluation and reflection. You work towards creating a more mentally and emotionally balanced person of yourself. This could mean revisiting a time in your life when you felt balanced. It is also time to reassess your outlook towards money. You work towards building a more friendly and healthy relationship towards your finances. You understand the importance of the balance of inflows and outflows. Help when you have to and receive help when you need to. You will need to lay your pride and arrogance down and accept that it’s ok to receive help. You will find as well this year that keeping with traditions and the norms of society won’t actually sit well with you. It becomes a struggle to accept something that doesn’t serve a purpose to you and hence find yourself stepping out the box created by society to discover your own identity. If parenthood has been on your mind then expect good news to follow this month!

Tips: Think outside the box and dare to try something different. Fine tune the art of giving and receiving in all areas of your life.  

libraLibra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

It does appear as though 2016 has been a very tough year on you in terms of relationships, career and finances. 2017 will be a year of moving on and letting go of feelings and grudges that don’t serve a purpose anymore. You are being advised to reflect on and go along with what your inner purpose is which you seem to be in search of this year – the one true passion that will drive you and make you feel like you won’t have to work a day in your life again. It will be something that feels completely out of the norm. However, trusting yourself to go with what you feel will be a battle which will need to faced. Your resilience will be tested several times this year but when it feels like your head isn’t giving you the direction you will need to turn to your inner voice. You will find ‘the’ career or business direction this year which will lead to a more comfortable financial position. So expect a nice celebration of your accomplishments by the end of the year!

Tip: Trust your instincts. Let go of the past to allow yourself to heal. Be creative.

scorpioScorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You seem very charged up to make a change in your life this year and in hot pursuit of a creative project. There is an opportunity to pick up a new skill or study which may be required to enter a field of interest. There is an acknowledgement of your tendency to stir disagreements amongst your peers, colleagues and family. You are never in sync with them and realise this to be the stem of your conflicts. You work towards being a more understanding and empathetic person. Which all works in your favour as you manage to switch into being the most inspirational and likeable character in the crowd by year end. You are on a high this year and feel extremely confident in making your dreams come true. So much so that you ignore the challenges that are up ahead. Be vigilant and street smart in your undertakings. Charge forward but with care. You are definitely leaving negatives behind and moving on to greener pastures this year. Get rid of all self-created limitations and obstacles in your mind. All the best with making it big this year!

Tip: Practise empathy and be vigilant at all times.

sagittariusSagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

A rather testing year awaits Sagittarius. Expect to experience some form of loss which makes you realise the importance of appreciating and looking after yourself. If you aren’t happy how will you make others happy? Rather than placing importance on others the focus shifts towards yourself. This loss may lead you to realise how you have created self-limited beliefs in your path and that you are actually capable of so much more. These beliefs seem to stem from your upbringing as a child. Inner child therapy might be in need for working on this to release for a more confident you. Finances aren’t very ideal this year. So keep a watch on your expenses. It might get a little stressful at times when trying to stay on top of things. What you held true about yourself and others might very well receive a shake up. It’s something you are going to have to get used to this 2017. Many a time you may feel like the rug is being pulled from under you. However, seek the truth and it shall prevail. Stick with your guns at all times and success will be with you. It’s going to be a test of who you really are as a person and what you are capable of taking on this year. So all the best with everything!

Tip: Embrace the opportunity to heal.

capricornCapricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

A positive year awaits for Capricorn where your hard work will pay off well. Even if it doesn’t pay off this year you will be very close to achieving your goals. Keep a watch on your finances this year and avoid expensive buys. Think things through very carefully when it comes to money decisions. There will be several investment opportunities to delve in so find the one that feels right for you. Buying a plot of land might just be one of them. You may or may not do anything with it but it will be an investment which you will see appreciate in value. Capricorns take very calculated risks and won’t find stretching themselves too thin over several projects at a time. However, this year will see you taking on more than one project which you seem to manage very well. It’s a year of making changes for yourself and what you do decide to work on seems to result in success. The only limitations are the ones that are set by your mind which you will very soon realise and work to eliminate them. In general, it’s a fantastic year to grow your money pot coupled with making the right decisions.

Tip: Take very calculated decisions and have faith.

aquariusAquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

It doesn’t quite feel like 2017 is going to be a year of great manifestations on the physical plane but more of a year of working behind the scenes to perfect foundations. Old wounds are healed and your intuition is greatly sharpened. A different perspective is applied to family relationships and you make more of an effort in understanding them. You return to old traditions and a structured way of doing things to get yourself out of battle weary situations. You achieve the results that you hope for but only by applying a very meticulous plan. Things have to be thought through very carefully before you dive into them. A more freehand way of approaching issues might leave you stuck so there should be no shame in returning to the handbook of problem solving. You take your romantic relationship to a new level this year. More attention is paid to making things better with your partner. If you are single you will probably meet your ‘soulmate’ – someone that you will feel very in sync with.

Tip: Sink into each moment. Practise meditation to help you with this. Be as detailed as you can in your plans.

piscesPisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

It’s a year of expanding your horizons and grabbing opportunities as they surface. There is plenty of growth to be experienced be it on the physical or emotional level. Expect to make a life changing decision this 2017. There are lessons to be picked up for sure as negative situations surface you start to appreciate the positive in a different light. Learning to balance emotions with your mind is key as part of this growth. There is an opportunity to start a new business or trying to convert a passion into a business while you carry on with full-time work. Reinventing or improving an existing business idea isn’t going to cut it. It needs to be something that is new and never been heard before. Trust your instincts as you go through this year as it will guide you to the path that you should be on!

Tip: Listen to your inner voice. Have courage to make changes to your life.

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