October 2021 Tarotscopes

Time for a change of perspective There are some important choices to make this October. One of them will be about managing your time with family or your loved ones and work. You are definitely taking on too much work wise and it’s to make a plan how you are going to manage your time…

April 2021 Tarotscopes

Out with the old and in with the new! Curveballs will be thrown your way this April, so how the month turns out for you will depend on how you manage these unexpected situations. Things may not necessarily go your way financially. So when it comes to making decisions regarding your wealth, it may not…

December 2020 Tarotscope

What can you expect for December 2020 Tarotscope? Be open and honest with yourself this December. Don’t try to hide and be what you are not just for approval. Let go of what is not yours and to embrace what makes you the person you are. It’s a symbolic exercise as we wrap up 2020…

November 2020 Tarotscope

November, a month of learning from your past mistakes and learning to trust your instincts and going with the flow. Review why things haven’t gone according to plan rather than focusing on the fact that things didn’t turn out as you had expected. It’s alright to dream as long as the dream is followed through…

October 2019 Tarotscope

October 2019 Tarotscope – Things may not move in the direction of your expectations this month. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. Look at it as a scenic route to your final destination – if you may. There will be a lot to take in and perceive in a way that may seem…

June 2019 Tarotscope

The month of June is about discovering opportunities and matching these opportunities with what fulfils you. The opportunities may not necessarily sit well with your idea of pursuing your passion but it will be what is appropriate for that time in your life. It may very well be the opportunity you need to get you from point A to point B and will make it easier for you to pursue your ultimate goal.

February 2019 Tarotscope

It’s only February and already you feel like you have lost your mojo and confidence. It’s alright, you just spent too much of your energy in January and just need to pace yourself from now on. By the second week, you will feel well rested, slightly more energetic and fed up of feeling sorry for yourself.

December 2018 Tarotscope

It’s a mix of achievements, sudden changes, planning and expansion this year end. An interesting blend all in preparation for the new year ahead. You are going to be very happy with the progress of your financial achievements till date.

October 2018 Tarotscope

We have quite a feast for the senses this month. Not only are we busy emotionally, our mental wellbeing is put to the test as well. The first week sees you resolving and making decisions concerning your financial health. There is no room for emotion only clear judgment to implement positive changes.

July 2018 Tarotscope

It is going to be quite an action-oriented July. The month kicks off when things coming to a completion. If you have felt like things haven’t been moving or your path has been riddled with obstacles then you will find the veil being lifted up and clarity returning to your vision again.