2022 Tarotscopes

2022, the year we find our sense of belonging!

This 2022 rather than say what to expect, I’d like to highlight the distinct messages from the cards. I feel having this information will be more useful. 2022 adds up to the number 6. And what this means is that we are finally finding our sense of belonging this year. Life changing actions may take place to enforce that or we may just surrender to what is happening, i.e. pandemic life, and begin to carve out a new sense of belonging in society, the economy or even geographically. The happenings of the last couple of years will probably be the driving factors for our decisions this year. So hang on for the ride. 

Embracing your feminine side (applies to all genders), getting in touch with your intuition or learning how to trust it will lead to better decision making. Empathy and supporting your fellow friends and family in terms of a listening ear or advice will help foster a harmonious environment for yourself and others in your life path.

Stay true to your word, and practise fairness in your dealings, and be clear in the message you give out to people this year. Establishing your truth will elevate your sense of authority and reduce any power struggles in order to be heard by others. 

Avoid confrontations, they aren’t going to be worth it. Pursue the right battles. Ones where you have sound evidence for your stance. Minimise the noise of arguments this year. It will not be an easy one as struggles and conflicts will be rife wherever you go, be it a new job or place of stay. Your test is to stay calm and not be affected.

Don’t hold on to things like partnerships, jobs or collaborations this year even though they feel like they have gone well in the past. It’s a year of letting go and establishing fresh roots and taking on new learning opportunities. You’ll be glad you chose change over familiarity.

Happy New Year to all of you! xx

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You’ve got a busy year ahead, Aries. Your new ideas or newfound passion will be met with obstacles from people around you in the form of objections or perhaps even arguments. The advice is to steer away from confrontations and arguments but hold on to turning your new ideas or dreams into reality – Do it anyway is what I say! Old arguments with family will be put to rest in the second quarter, so don’t worry about the upheaval you will cause in the first quarter. You may find yourself on the giving end this year. Your emotional maturity as well as your positive mental attitude, courage and determination will be an inspiration to others. So becoming a mentor to someone will be ideal to pass on your knowledge and experience. This will be a learning experience for you and a chance to develop empathy for the challenges faced by others in your field of experience. As I said at the beginning, it’s going to be busy and don’t expect to stop even when you get to the end of the year. It’s all about not giving up, strategising and keeping the momentum this 2022.


Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

You get what you put in this year. Your success is dependent on how much effort you wish to put in. The harder you work the better the rewards. Nothing will come along by chance unfortunately. You seem pleased with this fact however. There is fairness and equality. And it’s also a good form of measurement of how you have been using your time and how it equates to your results. This is very representative of the bull character of Taurus. Always wanting to feel in control. 2022 will turn out to be a very good year for expansion as well as finances. Opportunities are where you expect them to be so you end up making the right decisions which land you in the spot you want to be in career as well as business. The end of year could bring a property purchase or improvements to the family home. It will be about spoiling yourself and your loved ones.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

The year ahead for Gemini looks rife with challenges. The year kicks off with indecision, not knowing what to do, which direction to take, conflict and power struggles. Not being heard seems like the highlight of the first quarter. After a lot of patience and strategy, abundance comes your way in the second quarter. You get the opportunity of enjoying the fruit of your labour. Expect a sudden end to communication, work, contract or perhaps even a relationship in the third quarter. This will be a test of your inner strength and the best thing to navigate through this time would be to trust your intuition. Your list of difficulties just seems to grow even towards the end of the year unfortunately. There will be many fitting opportunities but also a fair amount of obstacles to overcome to get to them. Lost opportunities will lead to disappointments. But the key is to carry on working towards them. There will be lessons to gain from the losses you experience. Take them in your stride and what is meant to be yours will come along effortlessly.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

The beginning of the year might be a good time to address some deep set issues. They may have stemmed from your childhood or you may have to deal with issues your child has been facing if you are a parent. Expect the first quarter to be a rather emotionally draining quarter. The second quarter calls for managing your priorities, pursuing your dreams and ambitions and being bold and courageous in undertaking new challenges. Go where your heart and emotions lead you this year. As a water sign, you will have no trouble doing that. It’s all about healing and rebuilding yourself this year. You do seem to find success in nipping your issues in the bud. Things may continue to feel unsettled or amiss towards the year end but you will need to try your best to be objective throughout this time. It will be easy to get emotionally distracted by things not going your way. The key is to just go with the flow and take in the lessons rather than feeling victimised.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

The year ahead looks very career focused. You will be considering options surrounding your career at the beginning of the year. Things may feel uncertain in the current environment or you may feel worried about the future of the role or business you are in. You may not necessarily take action during this time but you do begin the legwork on finding out about what your options are. The year ahead will be about trusting your instincts and making the right decisions at the right time. This will mostly be around money like your investments and purchases. There seems to be an abundance in opportunities when it comes to making money this year. But they all require a certain level of patience when it comes to finding the right entry point. Rushing with your decisions won’t ensure your success but a slow and tactical move will. Your success may attract the ‘wrong’ type of attention towards the end of year. Things may also become competitive. But you will need to decide what and whom to walk away from. Don’t get into any confrontations or competitions where you know you may not have an edge. Be bold and courageous but also be cautious and trust your intuition at all times.


Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You may have finally got the place you have wanted to be in terms of your knowledge and experience and you feel as though your world is your oyster and you can do whatever you feel. You may have completed a qualification and feel all set to step into the rat race or feel like you have reached the peak of your career and ready for a brand new phase in your life. What you do next will be completely at your discretion. There will be no distractions from others or circumstances to allow you to get what you want. Your level of confidence this year will be unbreakable too. There is celebration in the second quarter when you seize the opportunity you have been wanting. The year ahead does not only promise abundance in terms of career and money but also in love. Your energies are on a high this year and this makes it easier for you to attract the things and the right people in your life. So if you have been looking for your plus one, this will be the year for it to happen. This seems to be the year where you find your luck is on the mend, everything good that you have done in the past is coming back as a reward to you. There will be a constant flow of good news all around. All I can say is keep up what you have been doing! It is certainly going to pay off for you this 2022.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

It’s going to be a stressful start to the year. You may feel like you have signed up for more than you can handle when you decide to take up a new skill set, study or start a new career. You seem to be starting right at the beginning of things. And the journey ahead feels long and arduous. Your decision may not be accepted by people around you. They might be feeling like you deserve a better starting point or you are just making things harder for yourself than they need to be. They aren’t necessarily going to stop you from doing what you want to do but just wish you would have chosen an easier path. This doesn’t make things any easier when it comes to your finances. There will be a struggle to keep on top of things while you get a hold of your new experience. Self-doubt and disappointment will creep in at this stage during the second quarter. But patience together with emotional maturity will help you get through and see things improve for yourself. The last quarter looks calmer. Or rather you come to some level of acceptance of your situation and work with what you got. It’s only when you reach this equilibrium that you will begin to see your wishes come true.


Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The year brings new beginnings and inspiration but you seem to be worried about how things will turn out. You will find that your worries will mostly be unfounded by the end of the first quarter. Just focus on manifesting your goal or dream and things should unfold how you imagine. Give up resisting trying to follow your heart. The lesson that you will gain this year will be that it’s only when you put your heart and passion wholly into something only then will abundance come to you. Doing something just as a means to an end will not ensure growth, only stagnation. There will be uncertainty around collaborations or work in the third quarter. What you may think is what you see on the surface may not necessarily be what is happening underneath. So be on guard about what to expect. There is a possibility of making incorrect decisions as a result of the uncertainty and misinformation around you. You do find a way out of the negative repercussions by the end of the year. You overcome the regret of the decisions you made and seem to get back on track with your finances.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

The year ahead will feel like a complete mindshift for you. Your focus will be to move away from materialism. You may find yourself wanting to let go of things that don’t serve the direction your life will be taking. The need to let go of material things in your life is also going to help you focus on the more important things in your life. Am not suggesting that you sell your mansion and go live in a cave. But more like learning to live minimally. This will help clear up the path ahead for yourself, so you can actually see where you are heading or tweak things for yourself. The goal is to take charge of your life and move things forward with clarity. Material objects might not be the only thing you may find yourself letting go of. Relationships where you find a two way communication channel is absent will make an exit from your life. The goal when it comes to your relationships is to be heard and to hear. Relationships in your mind are supposed to support your growth, not be a drain on your resources. Spending time by yourself, to clear your mind and to connect with yourself will be quite a regular occurrence this 2022. The good news is that by the end of the year you seem to be in a position where you feel completely in control of your direction and feel like all the decisions that you have made throughout the year have led you to where you are meant to be. There will be a perfect balance between work and family and the focus shifts towards your family and home. A home purchase or home improvements will be a possibility by the end of 2022.


Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It looks like emotions will take centre stage in the first half of 2022. The actions you choose to take in the first quarter will be very unlike an Earth sign. For a change, you are choosing to follow your heart and passion to see your dreams come true. Expect people around you, perhaps your colleagues or loved ones, to object to your moves. This reaction is quite normal, given that you have always made very rational decisions in your past. Romance doesn’t quite go as you would like it to in the second quarter. But this doesn’t seem to deter you from maintaining your pursuit. Again, this is very unusual for a Capricorn to maintain a relationship after being let down. The good news is there is celebration at the end of this. Your decision to plod on and to follow your heart pays off. Your only regret is why you did not follow your heart earlier. Expect a change in work towards the year end. There might be a loss of income in order to gain something. This feels like something completely different to what you have been doing so it’s going to mean starting all over again. Hence, finances will take a bit of a hit. Interestingly though this doesn’t seem to be a bother to you. It feels quite the opposite with you feeling very harmonious with your situation. This change actually allows you to make time for everything else that is important in your life.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

There are some heavy decisions to be made for the year ahead. Things do kick off to a good start. You will be glad that you plodded on without having an inkling of how things were going to pan out. The previous year has been hard with its uncertainty but still you carried on. And you will be glad that you did. There is some regret surrounding your family this 2022. Perhaps things that you have missed out in your past or things you have failed to deliver or missed time with family. Trust your instincts when it comes to investing or lending money in the third quarter. Expect your finances to get stuck. To avoid such a situation, trust your intuition when it comes to making money related decisions. Dilemma around work surfaces towards the end of the year. The question is do you follow your heart or do you do what is right and what you know and are familiar with? This is probably going to be one of the biggest decisions you will be plagued with in 2022. Simply because this could possibly change the course of things moving forward in terms of your finances.


Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You look like you are going to be rather busy navigating your life direction this 2022. The plans that you have made for yourself will look quite demanding in the first quarter. You are going to have to practice some emotional maturity when turning your plans into reality. Things may not necessarily meet your expectations and so you will have to manage the outcomes with calm. Opportunities which you may feel perfect for yourself will fall apart before they can even unfold. It may feel like a case of walking ten steps backwards when you have just made two steps forward. The advice is to avoid taking extreme paths in order to achieve your goals. But stick to the safe path, the tried and tested way, to get to where you need to get. There will be plenty of juggling roles as well as patience required during the third quarter when it comes to work. Despite all the uncertainty around work, you will be glad to know that your hard work will pay off at the end of the year. The path ahead will clear up and you will begin to see where you are heading with all the setbacks and the tests that you have endured throughout the year.