July 2019 Tarotscope

This month we will be in Mercury Retrograde for most of the month. Take this time to take it easy, reflect and avoid making important decisions. Things may feel too much for you in the first week. Not to a point of having a meltdown but close enough for you to decide that you need to slow things down.


July 2017 Tarotscope

July 2017 Tarot Forecast Things slow down a tad this July. It’s not an ideal time to rush through any ideas or big plans. At times, you might find yourself moving one step forward and two steps back. It might feel frustrating but the best thing you can do is to accept the circumstance and…

September 2015 Tarotscope

September 2015 Tarot Forecast There is a lot to look forward in this month of September as emanations from the Sun and Venus provide a nice lift for all the zodiac signs. The positive effects of Venus will be felt far beyond the realm of personal relationships. As a bonus, the fire signs can expect…